Two Simple Options

Initial Consultation

We begin with a detailed and personalized consultation to understand your health history and current goals and to develop an initial strategy to achieve those goals. See the section below for more information about the initial consultation.

  • Review of Medical History
  • Dive into your Eating Habits
  • Assess Vitamin/supplement usage
  • Evaluate lifestyle factors
  • Historical weight trend review
  • Intro to Nutritional Education
  • Goal-Setting
  • Gut health review
  • Discuss on-going support


Consultation & Follow-up Bundle

Begin with a commitment and save 15% with our bundle option. Enjoy ongoing support, progress tracking, and personalized coaching for lasting results and better success. Consistent follow-ups are especially important early in your wellness journey.

  • Initial Consultation
  • 3 Discounted Follow up sessions (15% off)
  • Meal-prep Guidance
  • Complete Nutrition plan
  • Direct messaging with your dietitian
  • Immediate savings for a goal you have already committed to



What's Included in Your Initial Consultation?

Review of Medical History

Thoroughly assess medical conditions, medications, lab work (cholesterol levels, blood sugar, vitamin deficiencies, etc), and family medical history.

Assess Vitamin/Herbal Supplementation

Optimize nutrient levels. Determine appropriate supplements to support your health goals.

Nutritional Education

Educate on essential nutrients, portion sizes, healthy food choices, elimination diets, the list goes on!

Explore Gut Health

Expertly manage bloating, constipation, reflux, nausea, indigestion, etc. (irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, GERD).

Evaluate Lifestyle Factors

Enhance overall wellness. Analyze activity level, sleep quality, stress management.

Goal Setting & Action Plan

Collaborate to set realistic and achievable goals. Receive tailored meal recommendations and your personalized wellness roadmap.

Dive into Eating Habits

Uncover diet patterns, review dietary restrictions, and provide nutrition insights individualized to you. Discover your involuntary tendencies that are hampering your health goals.

Weight Trends

Discuss your weight history and set realistic weight loss/gain/maintenance goals with professional guidance.

Establish Ongoing Support

Leave feeling happy and supported. Set up your next appointment to track progress and to continue to towards your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation typically lasts approximately 60 minutes to allow for a comprehensive assessment of your health and dietary needs.

How do I schedule follow-up appointments?

After your initial consultation, we will work with you to schedule follow-up appointments based on your needs and preferences. Our team will ensure that you have regular sessions to track progress, address challenges, and provide ongoing guidance and support.

What is included in the follow-up appointments?

Our follow-up appointments provide continued support on your wellness journey. They encompass behavioral coaching to address mindset and habits for sustainable behavior change. We also offer meal preparation ideas and guidance to help you plan and optimize your nutrition. These are the appointments where we drive progress and results over time.

When can I expect to see results, and how many follow-up appointments are typically needed?

Results vary depending on individual circumstances and goals. We strive to provide personalized recommendations that yield sustainable progress. The number of follow-up appointments required is typically determined during the initial consultation based on your specific needs and desired outcomes.

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